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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Professional Slim Ceramic Hair Straighteners & Ceramic Iron with slide on brush Curler. is now available.

Ceramic plates glide across air and promote infrared energy which protects the hair's natural luster, its is all you will ever need to create perfect curls, movement and volume.

With a price of Straighteners at $25 and Curlers at $15

Note : Colours are black&white/white&black (Straighteners) Grey&white (Curler)

*Its is definitely much better then those non-branded Hair Straighteners & Curler.
*Its come with a 1 year warranty and a beautiful box and wrap :)

Do drop me an email if interested,
Mode of payment& Collection
ATM transfer(POSB)
Meetups : Bukit Gombak Only.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

1) Bangle Watch Instock.
SGD 8, Instock after preorders end.

2) Brand New Black& White Watch.
SG 10, Very pretty piece, with alarm& stuff and mostly light!
Buy two at $ 16 only :)


2) Y- Shaped Cell Roller (Arm & legs)
Desription : An idea thing for shaping up your arms and legs, Able for messaging your leg/arms and face.
1 instock.

10) Hair Conditioner.
Desription : Bad Hair day? Use this, with just 1 pill it can make your hair smooth and soft and silky! Contain 50 pills.
3 instock.

14) Battery Operated Messager.
Desription : Use this to slim down! Just stick it on to any part of the body you wish to slim it down.
1 instock.

Friday, December 21, 2007
Total Payment:(example: 190/20+$1.00+$5.50 = Payment.

PG MALL SPREE #1 Do support! Closed :)

Ordering From : website

Currently : 20 Orders! CLOSED.

Stephanie(3 orders)Paid.
Venie(2 orders)Paid.
Felicia(1 orders)Paid.

Li Fern(1 orders)Paid.
Jian Ying(3 orders)Paid.

Jasmine(1 orders)Paid.
Kaixin( 1 orders)Paid.
Rouxuan(1 orders)Paid.
Wendy(1 orders) Paid.
Kristin (2 orders)Paid.
Jean ( 1 orders)Paid.
Angela( 1 items) Paid.
Yills ( 2 items)Paid.
Sini (3 items)Paid.

25 December ( Sorting the orders, All payment must be in by 27December so i can send the money out on the next day yup. )
28 December ( Orders 'll be sent by today evening thanks you for all ur support!♥ All orders send :) Waiting for tw side to reply. )
29 December ( Taiwan Side replied, Some items need pre-orders, some're ready and some need restocking. Email send to those buyer who items need pre-orders. Awaiting payment from PG.)
30 December ( All payment 'll be make on Tuesday 2/Jan and some ready items 'll arrive first, and those need restocking you will need to wait, :)
10 Jan ( Payment made, confirmed ready orders tw side will send out items once payment is recieved.)
18 Jan ( PG recieved payment, all items is ready! :D so PG will send out all the items around 21 or 22 Jan, please let 1-2weeks for the items to reach s'pore.)

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Slogan Tees, Polo Shirt & Long Sleeve Top,
Pretty Pink With Tag Top, A very unique butterfly picture on it,
fits S-M,
SGD 10.
Brand New Not Worn Before, Comes with a white tie,
Fits S-M-Small L,
SGD 10

Samuel& Kelvin Slogan Tee, Worn Once in excellent condition,
Size M,

Brand New Olive Green Slogan Tee, Bought it at Bugis Street for $12,
Fit S-M,
Brand New Dano Hysteric Glamour Top, A very pretty piece,
The words're darker in real life (Black) ,
SGD 12

Brand New Pink Fila Polo Tee, Bought at $19.90,
Size S,

Black Mickey Mouse Slogan Tee,
Fit S-M,

Brand New Green Sitch Slogan Tee, Pretty Piece,
Bought at $14.90,
SGD 10
A-tube Grey-White Top, fits S-M,
Worn Twice, in good condition,
SGD 10

Brand New Purple Puffy Sleeve Top,
Purple darker in real life,

Brand New Blue Puffy Sleeve Top From Korean Spree,
Bought it at $19
SGD 13

Brand New With Tag Green Long sleeve, with glittering on it,
SGD 12

Giordano Basic Wear, Worn Once,
Good Condition, Colour darker in real life,

Brand New V-neck Top, retail at Bugis for 20plus,
SGD 12

Brand New, Hangten Pure White Long Sleeve,
Tag still there, SGD 8


Brand New White Romp Cardigan, Its From Malaysia thus a Malaysia Brand,
Comfortable, SGD 14

Brand New Electric Blue Cardigan, bought from a spree,
SGD 17

♥ Shorts,
New Future Demin Shorts, Not Worn Before,
Bought from another seller,
SGD 13
Black demin Shorts size 29, SGD 12.
Bought it from another seller, does't not suit me.
Brand new with tag,
Brand #2 demin brown shorts, SGD 17.

Sunday, September 23, 2007
Bags, Clutch& Sling Bags,

Brand New, Sliver Clutch Bought it at Bugis for 19.90,
Does't not suit me, Can be use for Side/Sling.
SGD 15/Sold.
Brand New Ink Pink Bag, Its from Ink,

Authentic Ink Bag,
SGD 19.90

Non-Authentic LeCoqSportif Bag,

SGD 10

Non-Authentic Adidas Bag,
SGD 10

Sunday, September 2, 2007
♥ ♥
Brand New Gold Clutch,
SGD 10

Brand New MYUK wallet,
SGD 10

♥ name: I'm Stephanie. Do email me if you're interested in any of my items. I'll reply to your e-mail asap. Do enjoy your stay here!♥ Thank you shopper.
♥ message: message me
♥ Terms&Enquires Strictly no dead buyers please.Reservations will only be for 5 days, bidding will occur when there are more then 2 buyers. I do both meet up and postage.Meetups at your convenience would be charged from $1-$4 depend on the place and location. I will not be responsible for lost mails, and please clear your doubts first before buying. Do not go MIA/missing/backout after ordering(Pre-order) and late for meet-up, lovenrobs@hotmail.com Thank you & enjoy your stay here!
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